The Importance of Proper Grammar in Business Communications

Promotions, Sales, and Success are tied to Superior Writing Skills

The proliferation of text messages as the preferred method for personal communication has spilled over into  the workplace. Short quips and acronyms like lol, omg, and smh are weaving their way into business emails  and they are eroding the usual formal format for inter-office communiqués. There seems to be a waning  sense of urgency regarding grammar rules and precise spelling, but if you want
to succeed in the workplace  you would be prudent to keep them in your repertoire.

 A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that:

Good Grammar – Onward and Upward!

Spell check will usually catch typos and other spelling errors, but grammar analysis is very complex, requiring a deep understanding of the relationships between words. For this reason, many employers will examine an applicant’s cover letter as carefully as their resume.

The ability to memorize procedures demonstrates one skill set, but the capacity to think through unexpected deviations from the norm is what employers often desire. Building a properly structured sentence tells demonstrates you can think.

If you are a sales professional, please pay special attention to this:

In 2013, communication experts Global Lingo polled 1,029 adults on their attitudes towards online browsing and purchasing. The results were that 74% notice the quality of the spelling and grammar on the websites they visit. Also, 59% reported that bad grammar and egregious spelling errors would make them reconsider making a purchase from that website.

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