A Wordzen Success Story

Li Excels as an Engineer, but her Writing is a Barrier to Advancement

Li is a 50-year-old engineer working for a firm in Seattle. She came to the United States 12 years ago from China and has held a stable position working on various projects designing industrial equipment. Her performance reviews are excellent in the areas of technical skill, speed, punctuality, working as a team member, and attitude.

It seems like a great success story, but that’s not entirely accurate.

Li has received criticism for her English writing skills, which she admits lack polish and clarity. “I know what I want to say, but I can’t put the words in the right order,” she told us. “My supervisors tell me they know what I’m trying to say, but sometimes I use the wrong tense, or the wrong punctuation. It’s frustrating.”

She believes she has remained at the same level for the past five years and she believes it is due to her inability to communicate effectively to colleagues and superiors. Li has taken several English classes and they have helped, but for some reason they just haven’t taken her to the next level.

Six months ago Li discovered Wordzen!

"Since I started using Wordzen, not only have my inter-office emails improved, I have actually learned so much from the editors,” she told us recently. “I feel it would be wrong to misrepresent the revised writing as my own so I told my boss how I use Wordzen as a learning tool. The first thing she did was sign up for Wordzen herself!”

“My skills have improved every day, and I feel more confident,” said Li. She added that she hasn’t started using the voice-record feature yet because she likes to print out the emails every evening after work and line up her original next to the editor’s revised copy. “I read them aloud, too. That’s how I learn,” she explained.

Li said she appreciates the fact that she can learn at her own pace and she can access Wordzen from work or from home.

Wordzen is a truly unique email editing tool but it should not be misunderstood to be a language translation service. It is designed for people who have an advanced ability to speak and write English but lack the skills necessary to build correctly structured sentences and then construct a concise and effective email message.

Li’s goal is to advance to the next level by the end of the year, so she says she uses Wordzen often. “I appreciate that Wordzen is free, but if they start charging it won’t slow me down at all. I really rely on it.”

Wordzen is an email editing for people who have a good understanding of English and basic writing skills, but need help putting together a clear, concise message. Wordzen editors check sentence structure, spelling, tone, and grammar.

Click here to watch a YouTube video that will guide you through installing and using Wordzen.

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