A revolution in email: You talk, we type

Today we launched the new Wordzen Voice feature, allowing you to record yourself speaking in free-form speech. Our editors will craft a professional email based on your voice recording. Feel free to errr, umm, and stumble over your words as much as you want -- our editors will make you sound like a pro.

I needed to respond to this email from Brian, asking for n briefing on today's client meeting.

This is the audio I recorded in response to Brian's email. If you can't play the audio below, here's a link to my recording.

It took me 40 seconds, I stumbled over my words, ummm'd quite a bit, but spoke naturally, thinking about what I'd say next while speaking. No need for perfection - just focus on what information you want our editors to work with. However, if you would like to review your recording for any reason before sending it, simply click the green arrow next to your Wordzen button, and you will see the option to play the recording.

Here is the email that was crafted by and sent by the Wordzen editor:

Recording myself speaking was easy, stress-free, and efficient. I would've spent much longer than 40 seconds crafting the professional email that the editor wrote for me!