Atlanta Real Estate Agency Attributes Email Editing Tool as a Critical Key to Their Success

Executive Assistant Relies on Wordzen to Deliver Clear Messages and Save Time

Atlanta executive assistant Natalie Lisa knows that the success of any real estate agency rests squarely on the shoulders of the owner, the principal broker, and every member of the team. “The real estate business is not a Monday through Friday, nine-to-five business. Everyone works long hours, and it has paid off because we’re one of the top-selling agencies in the country,” Natalie recently remarked.

A few months ago Natalie found a new online tool and added it as a member of the team. It’s called Wordzen.

“I don’t remember how I heard about Wordzen, but I am so happy I did,” she said. One of Natalie’s primary responsibilities is to write email messages for the owner, and in many ways she is the voice of the agency.

“I’m a good communicator, and my writing skills are probably above average,” Natalie told us. “But instead of taking an hour or more to write an important, detailed email message to a client, I’m able to draft my thoughts and send them to Wordzen,” she explained. “I don’t know how they do it, but in about ten minutes I get back a clear, concise, and impeccably-worded email message that I can send to deliver the perfectly appropriate message.”

Natalie finds that on any given day Wordzen saves her between 2 and 2½ hours. “I send several messages to Wordzen every day, and while they’re making them perfect I can focus on other responsibilities and get a lot more work done.”

Not only does Natalie use Wordzen to benefit her employer, she belongs to a professional group of Executive Assistants in the Atlanta are where she shares the email editing service with others. “It’s spreading across my professional network, and I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from everyone,” she added.

Natalie is happy that Wordzen is a free service at this time, but says if they start to charge in the future, it won’t concern her. “The service is priceless.”

Wordzen is technically an extension for the Chrome browser and it works with a standard Gmail account. Visiting will allow you to do a fast sign-up and download. Then you’re on the road to send clear, grammatically perfect emails every time!

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