Users who have been invited to the Voice Trial can begin using it at 8:00 a.m. CST today

If you've been invited to participate in the Wordzen Voice trial, you can start using it at 8:00 a.m. CST today!

Prior to using it, however, take two steps with your Wordzen account. Log in at, go to Settings and enter your Mobile Number and set your Signature.

To use the feature:

iPhone: On an iPhone, record yourself talking using the "Voice Memos" app, and then from the Voice Memos app, text the recording to the Wordzen number +1-312-313-1321.

Android: On an Android device, you can either use the "Voice Recorder" app or on certain phones, you can record audio straight from the Messages app and then text the audio to the Wordzen number +1-312-313-1321

For ease of use, I recommend you save the Wordzen number in your phone as a Contact.


In your recording, you can give us any instructions you like.

"Send John Smith an email following up on the proposal I sent him." 

"Send an email to Sam, who's upset because he can't figure out how to use our software. Ask him to send a screenshot, and tell him I'll be able to dive deeper once he does that."

"Forward my company's daily report to Mark, so he can see what metrics are important to me in my business."


As soon as the recording is transmitted to Wordzen, you will get an immediate response by text, identifying your Wordzen account and letting you know that our editors are composing your email.
As soon as the editor is finished, you'll get another text letting you know your email is ready for you in your Drafts folder. At that point, you can review the email and send it. If you have your Wordzen Settings set that the email is sent for you rather than placed in Drafts for review, then the email will just send. I recommend, while we are testing this feature, that you set your Settings to the default, which is having the email placed in Drafts so you can review before the email is sent.

Other important information: