Three news tidbits

Three updates from the Wordzen team:

1. We now offer complete 24x7 coverage Monday-Friday, U.S. business hours. Specifically, the time between Sunday at 5 PM EST and Friday at 5 PM EST is fully covered. This means that when you Wordzen an email during these hours, you will always receive a quickly edited/drafted email. This also means that you should Wordzen as many emails as possible to keep our editors busy and give them practice! Some users have expressed feelings of guilt for using such an awesome free service, and the guilt prevents them from clicking the "Smart Send" button. Don't feel guilty -- please click our button! The weekends are still covered on an ad-hoc basis, and we will add more comprehensive 24x7 coverage for the weekends when the volume of email justifies it. Most weekend emails are still processed in the 10-20 minute range, but if you experience a longer delay, that's why.

2. We're in the process of building version 2 of Wordzen. Version 2 will include some bug fixes, stability improvements, and new features, the biggest of which will be the ability to use Wordzen from your iPhone or Android device. Wordzen for Mobile will work with *most* mobile email clients connected to your Gmail account, such as Apple Mail, the Gmail App for iPhone, and theGmail App for Android. Unfortunately it will not work with Dropbox's Mailbox App, although I'm attempting to convince the developers there to add a feature that would allow Wordzen integration. I'm curious though -- what mobile email app do you use? If it's not one that I've mentioned already, I want to see if we can integrate with it.

3. Many of our users have asked how long Wordzen will remain free. Wordzen will remain free of charge for quite some time -- our priorities right now are to acquire users, build our brand, and gain the magical T word that every startup fights tooth and nail to gain...TRACTION. We have big plans to make your email life even easier, and we'll only add a revenue model after we've accomplished significant goals, like launching version 2, and launching an iPhone and Android app.

Any questions? Get in touch!