Five New Features!

Our developers have been hard at work, and as a result, you can now enjoy these five new tasty features:

1. A rating system! Your "Wordzen Complete" email now contains a rating system, so you can rate each email we edit, on a scale from Horrible to Excellent. Feedback means everything to our editors, so while you don't have to rate every email, please rate frequently.

2. Keeping you in the loop! In certain situations, we'll send you a notification informing you how long it will be before you have your edited email back in your Gmail account. We'll send these notifications on an as-needed basis, but generally if your email is particularly lengthy or if we're unable to finish editing it within the standard ten-minute timeframe.

3. Score! A percentage score in the "Wordzen Complete" email gauges the number of changes we made and how much smarter we made you sound.

4. Editor's comments! If our editor needs to communicate information to you, like telling you that we were unable to understand the meaning of a sentence, the editor will note that and the Editor's comments will show in the "Wordzen Complete" email.

5. Better visual diffs! Previously, the "before" and "after" versions of your email showing our changes, with red strikethrough text and new text in green, was buggy. Certain words would be transposed, leading to an inaccurate diff. No longer -- the diff is now accurate and more readable.