New Feature: Converting your shorthand notes into professional, polished emails


After gathering user feedback since our launch, we're excited to announce a "pivot" for Wordzen.  In addition to editing and proofreading emails, we'll save you even more time managing email by serving as your email response concierge.  Often, you'll need to respond to an email in a professional and polished tone when it would be far easier to type a word or two. In cases such as these, all you have to do is type a short instructional phrase, and our language experts will turn your shorthand into a polished, emotionally intelligent email with perfect English.

A Perfect Example

For example, a respected colleague invites you to an event, but you can't attend. You type "decline politely", hit the Smart Send button, and we compose a professional, emotionally intelligent email representing your wishes:

The Wordzen editor replaces the phrase with a proper response:

Below is the "diff" that you'll see in your account after our editors finish processing the email. They would remove the "decline politely" phrase and compose the response that you see below.

Another Example

Sometimes, you just need to follow up with someone on an action-item after a long while has passed. In this case you can simply type "follow up", click the Smart Send button, and our editors will interpret the existing thread and compose a professional email on your behalf that accomplishes the essence of following up:

Give it a try, worry free!

Go to the website to sign up. The number of cases for which this concept can be used is limitless. If you're wary of allowing our editors to compose emails on your behalf, then you may review any emails we draft prior to sending -- just set your Wordzen Settings to "Review before send", and then, any emails we draft on your behalf will be sent to your Drafts folder for you to review and send:

Go ahead, give it a try, and let us save you time and simplify your email management.