Welcome to Wordzen

Welcome to Wordzen.  If you’re reading this message, you’ve been gracious enough to be my guinea pig. The goal of Wordzen is to simplify your email life.  Countless entrepreneurs have lamented that they spend too much time answering emails.  With my service, you should end up spending LESS time composing and replying to emails.  Additionally, I’m going to make you sound smarter than you are.

Assuming you’ve signed up for an account, linked your Gmail account, and downloaded the browser extension, all you have to do is click the “Smart Send” button on any emails you’d like for us to edit.  Every time you click the button, we’ll be notified, we’ll make our corrections and improvements, and then push the email back into your account.  You have a choice in your Settings — after we’re done with our changes, we can either push the improved email back into your Drafts folder, so you can then review and send at your leisure, OR if your comfort level is such that you implicitly trust our changes, we can send the email for you and place it in your Sent Items folder.

Wordzen is currently an experiment of sorts.  I want to prove that this service adds value to your life.  Even though my main focus is to improve the English in your emails, my ultimate goal is to simplify your email life and allow you to spend less time dealing with email.  I need your feedback.  Email me  at ajay at wordzen.com with your thoughts, suggestions, and improvements.