The first seven days of Wordzen's existence

The first seven days of Wordzen have been exciting.  In our first seven days of existence, we've:
  1. Signed up 40 users
  2. Corrected and improved 36 email messages
Based on user feedback, our own creative imagination, and our uncanny ability to predict the needs of future civilizations, we're currently implementing these enhancements:
  1. A visual "diff" of the changes our editors make to your email messages, will be included in the Wordzen confirmation email and be available in your account online
  2. We'll score the changes we made to your original message, such that we can tell you, for example: "Wordzen made you sound 18% smarter."
  3. Have an assistant that you would rather "wordzen" your emails instead of our editors?  You'll be able to "wordzen" your emails over to anyone you designate, not just us.
We are always hungry for your feedback.  What would make you click the "Smart Send" button more often? What would make you tell your friends about it?  Wordzen is an evolving platform built with the goal of simplifying your email life. Contact us.