New Feature: Have your assistant handle your Gmail messages

After receiving two weeks' worth of product feedback, we're introducing an enhancement to the Gmail editing workflow. We've heard from several entrepreneurs who face this common conundrum: they wish to have their assistant draft or proofread certain emails but are reluctant to provide the assistant with full access to their Gmail account.

Now, you can specify a private editor to handle your emails, such that when you click the "Smart Send" button, your private editor can draft and edit your emails, instead of us. To route your emails to a private editor, enter that person's email address in your account's Settings under Private Editor:

Now, when you click the "Smart Send" button, your private editor will be notified via email and provided a link to edit the content of your email message. For example, assume you receive the following email from your client Angel James. You wish to delegate this email to your assistant.  Hit "Reply", and type an instructional phrase such as "politely decline," and then hit the "Smart Send" button.

Your assistant will receive an email with a link to edit your message.  Also, your private editor need not be a Gmail user and need not have a Wordzen account:

Clicking the URL will take your assistant to this screen where he/she may draft or proofread your email message. In this example, the assistant has replaced the words "politely decline" with a professional and polished response:

Upon completion, the email will either be sent (as you), or saved in your Drafts folder for your review. You can alter this behavior in your Settings.